A letter to the Editor expressing concern over global warming

The Editor
The Times of India, Ranchi.
April 14, 2019.

Sub: Expressing concern over global warming

The steady increase in CO2 level has led to rise in global temperatures. If one looks at the graph given above, one observes that from 2013 to 2018, the CO2 levels have constantly been going up due to fast increasing industrialization globally and thus adding to the temperature one degree Celsius per year. With this increase, the see level is also increasing, causing panic among the people living in the coastal areas.

Many meetings are held every year with a view to putting pressure on the countries most responsible for the carbon emission but to no effect. Many countries are unwilling to abide by the Protocols made.

The earth is ours; hence, it is the duty not only of any individual country but also of all countries to cut down the carbon emissions. Where there is no earth, there will not be any living existence. Hence, ironing out all differences, all countries of the world should come on the common platform to discuss this grave matter with seriousness following concrete steps to cut down those emissions which cause Global Warming.

Yours faithfully,