Cloze Test for SSC Exams

Cloze Test is an integral part of SSC, Bank Exams. The following is a test comprising ten blanks without options. Your sound comprehension can serve the purpose. Apply your brains and guess out the most appropriate words to be used in the given blanks. Finally, check your answers just by clicking the Toggle.

Global-warming is one of the mind-boggling _ (1) _ that the world has been _ (2) _ drastically for some decades. Glaciers of both the poles of the earth keep _ (3) _ down causing increase in the sea-level. It is anticipated that if this phenomenon continues, all coastal parts and small islands will be submerged _ (4) _ water in years to come. Foreseeing its _ (5) _ effect, the people of the world over are _ (6) _ alarmed. Meeting _ (7) _ meeting _(8) _ being organized by environmentalists to _ (9) _ this warming. Recently, the protocol approved by different countries in Kyoto in Japan, is likely to show _ (10) _ performance than any other protocol approved earlier.

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  1. problems
  2. facing
  3. melting/thawing
  4. in
  5. adverse/bad
  6. much
  7. after
  8. is
  9. curb/control
  10. sincere