Cloze Test

Keep the following in mind to solve the problems relating to Cloze Test

  1. Proper knowledge of Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
  2. Proper knowledge of Prepositional Usage
  3. Good Comprehension

A Transitive Verb is a verb which takes a Subject after itself; whereas an Intransitive Verb does not. All Main Verbs may be either Transitive or Intransitive or both. The verb answering ‘whom’ (for a person) and ‘what’ (for a thing) is Transitive by nature.

Look at the following sentences:

  • He has lost all his money. (He has lost ‘what’… ‘money’; hence ‘lost’ is Transitive)
  • The teacher punished Raju. (The teacher punished ‘whom’… ‘Raju’; hence ‘punished’ is Transitive)
  • Get me a chair, please. (Here ‘me’ and ‘a chair’ are Transitive)


A Transitive Verb takes its Object just after itself; no preposition can be inserted between them; however in Passive Voice it is not followed by an object.

In Passive Voice, the verb or phrase used is Transitive but is used intransitively.

Some frequently used Transitive Verbs:

  • Absent
  • Acquit
  • Ask
  • Advise
  • Apply
  • Avail
  • Allow
  • Tell
  • Enjoy
  • Fell
  • Frighten
  • Kill
  • Lay
  • Present
  • Raise
  • Remind

1. The speaker did not properly use the time as he went _____ on one point alone.

a) dilating        b) devoting      c) deliberating             d) diluting       e) distributing

Bank PO-exam

Ans: (c)

(b) – option (devoting) is Transitive; hence it must take an object after itself not a preposition.

(d) – option (diluting) is both Transitive and Intransitive; but it is not appropriate as per the sense of the sentence.

(e) – option (distributing) is Transitive; hence it not the right choice.

2. He _____ down in the sofa yesterday.

a) lay               b) lays              c) laid              d) layed

Rly. Exam

Ans: (a)

Note the following:

V1            V2                   V3

Lie                    Lay                    Lain (Intransitive)

Lie                    Lay                    Lain (Intransitive)

Lay                Laid               Laid (Transitive)

The problem itself hints that the verb to be used in the blank must be Intransitive as the blank is followed by a Preposition (down).

3.  I request you to ______ your crime.

a) apologize     b) agree           c) confess        d) pardon        e) submit

Ans: (c)

The options (a) and (b) can’t do as they are Intransitive. The Option (e) does not go in line with the sense of the sentence.

4.  Anita _____ me of a girl I used to know.

a) remembers               b) recalls                      c) recollects                 d) reminds

Ans. (d) reminds