Common Errors in English Grammar for Bank Exams

Taming Common Errors require sound knowledge of English Grammar. The following is a free online quiz for MBA, Bank, CDS, SSC and other exams. The Quiz consists of 15 Questions each carrying 1 Mark. For each wrong answer -.25 marks will be awarded. On submission of the Test, you will get the score.

1. a) / You should always be cautious / b) lest you may be entrapped / c) by your enemy. / d) No error


2. a) / The long waited moment at last / b) came and we all got ready to welcome / c) our favourite leader. / d) No error.


3. a) / Elizabeth has far / b) an expensive dress / c) than Juliet has. / d) No error.


4. a) / It are trees / b) which cause / c) clouds to rain. / d) No error


5. a) / This is a vacancy / b) for those / c) who know to write and read well. / d) No error.


6. a) Are you trying to infer to / b) all those who leave their husband / c) for the sake of money? / d) No error.


7. a) / He is not one of those / b) which have lost / c) their duties towards their parents. / d) No error.


8. a) / She is very child-like; / b) if she sees nothing is going on / c) according to her wish, she sulks. / d) No error.


9. a) / Tell me / b) whom you would / c) rather be if you were not you. / d) No error


10. a) / She was awarded / b) for her strikingly luxurious hair / c) hanging down her waist. / d) No error.


11. a) / Mahatma Gandhi went to jail / b) many times during his life time / c) when the country was in slave. / d) No error.


12. a) / Very few pens / b) that were available in the shop / c) were so costly as the pen owned by him. / d) No error.


13. a) / He behaved / b) with Rahul friendly / c) but Rahul did not. / d) No error.


14. a) / When father asked me / b) if I agreed with him / c) to the proposal made by him, / d) my answer was in affirmative. / d) No error.


15. a) / The shopkeeper is in search of / b) an accountant / c) whom he can rely upon. / d) No error


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