Essay on Chandrayan 2 for SSC Mains

Chandrayan – 2 Mission

Words – 207

The Chandrayan Mission is India’s highly ambitious Mission to be accomplished with a difference. The Indian Space Research Organization ISRO has launched two missions so far namely Chandrayan 1 launched on October 22, 2008 and Chandrayan 2 on July 22, 2019. The former Mission consisting of an Orbiter and an Impactor was quite a success in discovering water availability on the lunar surface. Being very much hopeful in confirming water there, Chandrayan 2 consisting of an orbiter, a lander called Vikram and a small rover called Pragyan was launched . Vikram and Pragyan have been designed to last for one lunar day whereas the Orbiter for 7 years.

The Orbiter of Chandrayan 2 reached successfully on the desired orbit. The Lander Vikram too got successfully detached from the Orbiter and while landing softly on the lunar surface, unfortunately it lost communication at merely 2.1 kms from the lunar surface on September 8, 2019. Still, ISRO and other Space Research Organizations are on the effort to establish communication with the Lander Vikram. The Orbiter is still orbiting the Moon sending data the ISRO centre.

The Mission Chandrayan 2 is never a failure. It would definitely prove to be a success in near future, which will benefit humanity at large.

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