Essay on Women Security for SSC JHT, NABARD, RBI Exams

Women Security in India

There is a Sanskrit Shloka:

Yatra naryastu pujyante,

Natra tisthati naradah.

The meaning of the above Shloka is ‘Where women are worshipped/respected, god exists.’ In other words, ‘Women bring prosperity and harmony if they are respected.

Ma Saraswati-the Goddess of Wisdom, Ma Durga- the Goddess of Courage and Ma Laxmi- the Goddess of Wealth are worshipped in the Indian Culture and it has been going on since ancient times. But we feel ashamed when we hear of their suppression and oppression and most heinously they are raped and even killed. The Delhi, Hyderbad and UP Gang Rapes are some blatant examples, which put a stigma on the face of humanity. All these force the sentiment of the country to enforce draconian law against women assaults. Public have started demanding a quick action against the criminals and suppressors and oppressors.

In order to provide safety to women, the Justice J.S.Verma panel provided a valuable blueprint for women’s safety on the basis of which the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 was enacted. It provides not only the severest punishment for heinous crime against women but also adds new specific crimes as Sexual harassment, Stalking, Voyeurism, Disrobing of women at public places, Acid throwing, and Trafficking. Apart from the laws, the media seem to be very much alert in this regard; however the crime against them has not stopped. This proves that only law-making cannot serve the purpose, the social machinery such as Social activists, different NGOs, leaders and responsible factions of society must come forward to curb such heinous crimes against women.

There is no denying the fact that the criminal attitude and gender based discrimination are directly related to the psychology of a child. The seed of the patriarchal feeling among the boys is sown in the house. They get a biased atmosphere there on behalf of their parents. The girls develop inferiority complex, which leads to heinous crimes against them from their counterparts.

The minds of children are highly vulnerable to ad-contents, films, journals and various sites which are full of nudity. All these affect badly on them, which later causes such crimes. In addition, children are not taught Moral Science with due sincerity on the part of their schools. The mutual respect among boys and girls is not there.

The lives and achievements of iconic personalities of India and the world should be taught to them with sincerity. When necessary, they should also be imparted with sex education. Apart from this, they should be taught how both of the sexes play a vital role in establishing a civic society.

‘Justice delayed is justice denied.’

Keeping this in mind, the long pending ‘Nirbhaya cases’ must be disposed of without delay. It will discourage the criminals. Police reforms must be regulated and implemented. Police must take quick action in ‘Nirbhaya Cases’.

Women education must be promoted. They should be trained for self-defense.

Man and woman are the wheels of a cart. An ideal society can never be imagined of without the role of women. The patriarchal set-up of the society must think for the welfare of women. However, the government is doing commendable job for women.