How to attempt an Essay for Bank, SSC Exams

Namaskar Aspirant,

Hope that you are getting on well with your studies with indomitable confidence and sincerity. Wishing you a very bright career ahead, I am helping you build up your Descriptive Examination Skills. The Materials prepared here are adaptive and compact. The language is simple and easy-to-grasp. All the titles being eye-catching for examiners, are marks-fetching.

It is to be noted that ‘Points speak louder than words; in other words, verbosity cannot serve the purpose and the efforts made may fall flat in fetching better marks. Hence, the contents have been made compact with points under suitable sub-headlines.

You are required to make practice of the Contents twice or thrice so as to have excellent performance in the examination.

The Contents are just my guessed out works; however, they will definitely develop in you insight galore to deal with the questions to be asked in the examination.

Hope, you will enjoy reading the Contents. I convey my best wishes for excellent score in the Examination.


Writing an Essay is entirely a different skill. It requires:

  • Descriptive Knowledge of various topics
  • Sound Vocabulary (Words, Idioms/Phrases, One word Substitutions)
  • Sound Knowledge of Current Affairs
  • Good skill in data mining
  • Healthy Thought Processing
  • Strong Guidance

Let’s discuss each at length.

Descriptive Knowledge of Various Topics

Dear Aspirant,

Knowledge does not come about overnight. It is rather a prolonged process. A common mistake that most of the Aspirants of Competitive Exams commit is that they primarily focus on the preparation of the Objective Type Exams thinking that until and unless they have cracked the Preliminary Exam, it is almost futile to prepare for the Descriptive Paper. In fact, a strong preparation for the Descriptive Type Examination helps them prepare even the Objective type Paper. In addition, the preparation for the Descriptive Paper requires a lot of time, energy, practice and experience. The preparation time between the date of declaration of the Preliminary Exam and that of the Descriptive Paper Exam is too less to be fully prepared for the second phase of Descriptive paper Exam. Hence, follow the following instructions:

  • Go through the Editorials of the reputed News Papers (The Economic Times, The Hindu, Business Standard etc.). Having gone through the contents of these news papers, develop your analysis by conducting a Discussion Session among your friends or colleagues.
  • Jot down some highly important memorable points of the contents you have gone through.
  • Extract data from the contents and note them down.
  • You had better make a summary of what you have read.
  • Sound Vocabulary (Words, Idioms/Phrases, One word Substitutions)

Before any language, vocabulary came into existence. It is words which form phrases, a sentence and then finally a particular expression or thought. Hence, the larger stock of vocabulary, the more flexibility of expression will be there.

We express ourselves quite well in our native language because of possessing a good stock of its vocabulary. In the similar way, possessing a good stock of the English vocabulary paves the way of writing an effective essay and précis. Hence, keep increasing its stock as much as possible.

Sound Knowledge of Current Affairs

The Essay Topics asked in the Examinations may be of two natures:

  • The Essay Topics of the first nature are tradition-based such as ‘The problems of Unemployment in the country’, ‘Population Explosion’, ‘Dowry System’, ‘The scopes of Banking Industry in India’, ‘The Role of RBI, NABARD, SEBI’, ‘Problems of Farmers’, ‘The Rural Economy’, ‘The vagary of the Indian Monsoon’ and so on and so forth.
  • The Essay Topics of the second nature are based on the events going on across the country and outside the country. What you have to do is to be quite familiar with such events with data. For this, keep in touch with some authentic news channels such as ‘DD News, Rajyasabha TV, Loksabha TV and few others as these channels provide you with government data and facts, which you have to use in your Essays. Plus, some authentic magazines such as Kuruchetra, Yojana and few others are suggestible for the purpose.
  • Good skill in data mining

Your Essay is not effective unless it is supplied with sufficient data. Supplying the relevant data shows your sincerity about the preparation. The essay written in this way deserves better marks.

Hence, whatever relevant you’re going through, jot down the data mentioned in them. Make a good collection of those under a headline. Once you’ve assembled all these, have a cursory look more often than not. In the examination hall, this habit of data mining will help you a tonne.

Healthy Thought Processing

Having followed all the above, now you need to have a healthy thought processing. In the examination hall, it so happens many a time that we know a lot about the given topic but where to start and how to start in limited words in limited time confuse us. In order to dispel such confusion, you need to write down all that you have read in your own way then and there and find out how well and effectively you can write on the same.

Plus, a healthy thought process involves:

  • A proper Introduction to the Topic given
  • A healthy body comprising facts and data with clarity of thought
  • Advantages and Disadvantages (If needed)
  • Suggestion or Measures (If needed)
  • Conclusion

Note: Most Essays follow the above pattern.

Strong Guidance

Suppose that you have to cover a long distance and you’re fully new, will your journey be enjoyable; plus, can you assure yourself that your journey will lead to the desired destination?

A human being is always in need of some or other guidance throughout the journey of life. A good mentor/Guide will lead you to your cherished goal. Hence, avail yourself of a strong guidance from a good mentor.

Apart from the entire above, note the following points which are equally important:-

  • Your essay should be written in Simple Sentences. Avoid cumbersome words and sentences. Avoid verbosity.
  • Your starting and ending must be forceful.
  • Stop for a while to analyze the Topic given. Make a concrete strategy before jump to writing the essay.
  • Don’t deviate from the point, which sometimes happens in absence of points and strategy.
  • Remain calm and composed in dealing with the essay you’re writing on.

Hope, you’ve gone through all the above and follow them before you start writing an essay. Now, it’s time that we knew how you can write an essay in limited words in limited time.