How to Scan a Poem

Scansion Part – II (Ways to break up a word into syllables)

The Disyllabic Words containing double Consonants are broken by supplying a hyphen between the Consonants, such as;

  • Fel-low
  • Sum-mer
  • Ut-ter

The words containing double Vowels are not separated by a hyphen; both the vowels are taken together as in;

  • Boo-king
  • See-ing
  • Rea-ding

Any word beginning with a Vowel is separated with a hyphen just after that Vowel as in;

  • A-bove
  • A-lone
  • A-rise

Exceptions – Al-ways, An-kle, Ea-gle etc.

The Derivatives containing double Consonants are put as they are without putting a hyphen in between them as in;

  • Dull-ness
  • Thrill-ing
  • Still-ness

Break the following Words into their Syllables:

  • Attack
  • Suffer
  • Interesting
  • Lying
  • Developed
  • Eagerness
  • Prioress
  • Island
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