Important Essay Writing Topics for SSC JHT PAPER 2 2023

The SSC JHT Paper 2 exam is designed to test the writing skills of candidates. Some important essay topics for the SSC JHT Paper 2 exam are:

  1. Role of language in communication.
  2. Impact of social media on society.
  3. Importance of education in modern society.
  4. Environmental degradation and its impact on human life.
  5. Women empowerment: Challenges and opportunities.
  6. Science and technology in modern society.
  7. Globalization and its impact on the economy.
  8. India’s space program: Achievements and challenges.
  9. Youth and national integration.
  10. The role of media in democracy.
  11. India’s tourism potential and challenges.
  12. Climate change and its impact on India.
  13. India’s cultural diversity and national unity.
  14. Health is wealth.
  15. Women’s safety and security: Challenges and solutions.

These are just a few topics that can be asked in the SSC JHT Paper 2 exam. Candidates should also keep themselves updated with the latest developments in various fields to be able to write an effective essay on any given topic.