Difference between Much too and Too much

  • Much too – Adverb (काफी) – used before Adjectives
  • Too much – Adjective (काफी) – used before the Nouns showing Quantity


  • The tea is much too hot. – Correct
  • (चाय काफी गर्म है)
  • The tea is too much hot. – Incorrect
  • Her father possesses too much money. – Correct
  • (उनके पिताजी के काफी पैसे है)
  • Her father possesses much too money. – Incorrect
  • You are much too beautiful. – Correct
  • (तुम काफी सुन्दर हो)
  • You are too much beautiful. – Incorrect
  • Being too much tired, I took rest for a while. – Incorrect
  • Being much too tired, I took rest for a while. – Correct
  • (काफी ज्यादा थके होने के कारण मैंने कुछ देर के लिए आराम किया)