Noun Clause with examples for CTET, SSC exams

A Noun Clause is that part of a longer sentence that behaves as a Noun does. It has its own subject and predicate. It occurs in place of the Subject and Predicate. It is the answer to ‘Who, What, and Whom’.


  1. I know where he lives. (asnwer to ‘what’)
  2. Please, tell me what you want.
  3. That the earth is round is known to all.
  4. I know what everybody else knows about him.
  5. What is fair for you may or may not be fair to others.
  6. What we see is believing.
  7. All that glitters is not gold.
  8. He said that he would go the following day.
  9. I hope that I shall pass the examination.
  10. This is where I live.
  11. I am afraid you are mistaken.
  12. I do not understand whether I should go or stay back.

The underlined parts that give answer to ‘what’ are Noun Clauses, which have their own Subject and Predicate.