PDF Materials

The following Materials available for SSC JHT and Rajbhasha Adhikari

English Structures for SSC JHT & Rajbhasha Adhikari

A Hand Book of English Structures for SSC JHT and Rajbhasha Adkhikari

This e-book comprises 150 highly important structures to frame effective sentences for the framing of your essays, precis and comprehension. These structures are a must for attempting translation from English to Hindi and vice versa. You will get appropriate examples against each structure followed by a battery of tests.

Sentence Improvement for SSC JHT/SHT & Rajbhasha Adhikari

Sentence Improvement for SSC/SHT and Rajbhasha Adhikari (85 Pages)

The e-book at your hand is an exclusive and comprehensive collection of the problems on the section ‘Sentence Improvement’. It has eighty six practice sets each containing ten problems. Against each set is a self evaluation chart, which is remarkable and interesting. All problems have easy-to-grasp explanation.

A Comprehensive study of Active and Passive Voice (165 Pages)

The e-book in your hand bears the following salient features: 1. Very comprehensive analysis of Voice 2. Detailed analysis of all those that will help you solve the problems of Voice 3. Problems based on all patterns likely to be asked in the Competitive Examinations 4. Battery of tests on various patterns (including Common Errors and Sentence Improvements) 5. Explanations in a clear cut way 6. Previous Years’ Questions

Common Errors for SSC/SHT and Rajbhasha Adhikari Exams

English Common Errors for SSC/SHT and Rajbhasha Adhikari Exams (197 Pages)

The book at your hand is the product of my sincere and continuous effort for more than 10 years. The striking features of the book are as follows: 1. Theory has been emphasized with clarity and precision. 2. The Problems based on individual chapters followed by miscellaneous ones on the chapters already studied enable students to be well prepared for various Practice sets.

General English for SSC Exams

General English For SSC, Bank Exams (172 Pages)

This book is the product of my ten years’ of experience in the teaching profession in the Giridih Town which used to be almost barren in producing successful candidates for different competitive examinations. After a thorough research through the questions asked in different examinations, I first introduced some of the parts of the book in the form of Study Materials among the students in the year 2010, which was highly hailed by the readers because of its being bilingual; plus, the materials contained continued being asked in the same forms in different examinations in a large number, which made the book highly demanding among the student communities. In three months’ span of time,thousands of copies of the study materials were sold in the town itself.

Prepositions for MBA, Bank, SSC Exams

A Comprehensive study of Prepositions for MBA, Bank, SSC Exams (85 Pages)

This book deals with Prepositions in a very friendly manner. The comparative studies of Prepositions along with appropriate sentences on them make the book easy- going and interesting. For quick revision, the lists of words in their Verb, Adjective and Noun- forms with a definite Preposition make it far more interesting. Finally, the battery of tests evaluates the student’s knowledge regarding the proper use of Prepositions

Narration for SSC JHT, CGL Exams

A Comprehensive Study of Narration for SSC JHT, CGL, CHSL, MTS, CDS

This is a comprehensive piece of work exclusively designed for the aspirants of SSC MTS, CHSL, CGL, JHT, SHT, CDS and the other. It contains more than 1000 problems of all kinds with exclusive explanations to each. The problems of all patterns (such as Common Errors, Sentence Improvement, Cloze Test) are its uniqueness.