Periods of English Literature in chronological chart

In order to have convenience, it is necessary to divide the history of English Literature into periods. Each period has its specific features. The following is the chart of literary periods and their approximate dates:
Pre-Chaucercian Period500-1340Anglo-Saxon
Chaucerian Period1340-1400Middle Plantagenet
Tottel’s Miscellany1400-1557Later Plantagenet
Shakespearean Period1557-1625Elizabethan/Jacobean
Milton’s Period1625-1660Caroline/Puritan
Dryden’s Period1660-1700Restoration
Pope’s /Augustan Period1700-1745Queen Anne/Early Georgian
Johnson’s Period1745-1798Middle Georgian
Wordsworth’s Period1798-1832Later Georgian/Revolution
Tennyson’s Period1832-1887Victorian
Hardy’s Age1887-1928
Present/Modern Period1930-1955
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