Quiz on Adjectives

An Adjective is a Part of Speech that modifies either a Noun or a Pronoun. If asked to the Subject, it gives the answer to ‘What kind of’.

विशेषण संज्ञा या सर्वनाम की विशेषता बतलाता है. यह ‘कैसा’ या ‘कैसी’ का जवाब होता है. निम्न विशेषण है-

  • My, Our, Your, His, Her, Its, Their – Possessive Adjectives (अधिकार सूचक)
  • Good, Last, Smart, Handful, Copious etc.

Now, take an Online quiz on Adjectives. For each wrong answer, .25 marks will be deducted.

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1. a) The meeting was postponed / b) because of fewer number / c) of members than required. /d) No error


2. a) I am agree / b) with you / c) to your proposal in toto. / d) No error


3. a) He needs / b) a little more money / c) to purchase the desired item. / d) No error


4. a) His brother is elder / b) than he / c) by two years. / d) No error


5. a) The film was / b) enough boring / c) to see it any further. / d) No error


6. a) Finding him lonely in the house, / b) he suggested / c) that he should go on an outing to some good place. / d) No error


7. a) His childish behaviour / b) attracts everybody / c) towards itself. / d) No error


8. a) Owing to / b) two days’ continual rain, / c) the whole area got very badly affected. / d) No error


9. a) People thronged / b) at the place to listen to their / c) leader’s historical speech. d) / No error.


10. a) Bajrang Bali was wiser / b) and more obedient / c) than any follower of Lord Rama. d) / No error


11. a) It is quite incredulous / b) that a person jumped off / c) a multi-storeyed building unhurt. d) / No error


12. a) He licked / b) the sauce which / c) tasted sourly. d) / No error


13. a) Holding her neck / b) by his hand, / c) he choked her to death. d) / No error


14. a) Abhimanyu was braver / b) than all warriors / c) in the battle field. d) / No error


15. a) If you wish me / b) to show an another pen / c) of the same kind, I can show it. d) / No error


16. a) What kind of a friend / b) you are that had not helped him / c) when he was in lurch. d) / No error


17. a) When asked, / b) the patient replied that he was feeling / c) comparatively better that day. d) / No error


18. a) Indicating a boy standing over there, / b) he said that he was / c) senior and wiser than Rahul. d) / No error


19. a) The more you maintain / b) your motor bike, / c) more attractive it will remain. d) / No error


20. a) He asked me / b) which was better of the two / c) shown in the show- case. d) / No error