Quiz on Prepositions for Bank, SSC Exams

Preposition Common Errors

A ‘Preposition’ is a word used to show relation between a Noun and pronoun or some other word in the sentences.

The following is a Quiz on this very Chapter. The Quiz comprises 10 highly important questions each of which carries 1 mark and for every wrong answer, you will be awarded -.25 marks:-

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1. a) / The Principal has announced / b) that the examination will commence / c) from Monday/ d) No Error


2. a) / He is fonder / b) of you / c) than me. / d) No error


3. a) / He pays more attention / b) to English / c) than Hindi. / d) No error


4. a) / I shall reach / b) there by / c) this time. / d) No error


5. a) / Her big wardrobe trunk / b) comprising of four shelves / c) accommodate a variety of her saries / d) along with her costly cosmetics. / e) No error


6. a) / Call for the doctor immediately / b) as the patient seems / c) to be sinking into coma / d) after the shock. / e) No error


7. a) / Because of extenuating circumstances / b) the court acquitted him / c) out of the crime. / d) No error


8. a) / How ridiculous it is / b) when a person spends the life of a pauper / c) instead of having / d) a lot of immovable and movable properties. / e) No error


9. a) / The passer-by told the stranger / b) to walk till a yellow building / c) with a huge green coloured gate / d) to reach his destination. / e) No error


10. a) / All students have poured their hearts / b) into preparing / c) for the examination / d) which is going to he commenced from Tuesday. / e) No error