Quiz on Pronouns

A Pronoun is a Part of Speech which comes in lieu of a Noun or its equivalent and thus stopping their boring repetition.

सर्वनाम संज्ञा के बदले आने वाला शब्द है और इस तरह से यह संज्ञा को वाक्य में बार बार आने से रोकता है. निम्नलिखित सर्वनाम है-

1stI, We, Mine, Ours, Myself, Ourselves
2ndYou, Yours, Yourself, Yourselves
3rdHe, She, It, They, Theirs, Themselves, Itself

1. a) In the factory, he is one of those /b) who accomplishes /c) the task assigned to /d) them timely. /e) No error


2. a) What one out of these fifty beautiful /b) items would you like to purchase /c) to present Shila on the occasion of her birthday? /d) No error


3. a) Being a very fine day /b) I decided to go for outing /c) with my family and in this way /d) we enjoyed ourselves a lot. /e) No error


4. a) One should avail himself /b) of the opportunity /c) as it rarely comes /d) to one’s life. /e) No error.


5. a) He told me /b) that /c) I had played better /d) than him in the field. /e) No error.


6. a) He is not the only person /b) who can /c) make high jump in the entire group. /d) No error.


7. a) I don’t /b) mind you going there /c) with a view to making /d) a journey to the sensitive area of the village. /e) No error.


8. a) Neither Raju nor the other students /b) in the hostel could continue /c) with his studies /d) for want of money. /e) No error.


9. a) The teacher knew /b) that every boy and every girl /c) had not done their homework /d) and so she punished each. /e) No error.


10. a) The police caught five suspected people /b) from the slum areas /c) but neither of them /d) proved guilty. /e) No error.


11. a) This is not the same pen /b) which was lost /c) while I was working /d) in the office amid files. /e) No error.


12. a) Who is not /b) subject to / c) death is called immortal. / d) No error


13. a) I like / b) them who are / c) truthful and candid. / d) No error


14. a) One of the factories / b) which is located there/ is in the suburbs / c) of the town. / e) No error


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