Quiz on Verbs for Bank, SSC Exams

A Verb is a Part of Speech which is used to show an action, state or occurrence, such as ‘is, has, hear’ etc.

क्रिया काम का होना को दर्शाता है. यह स्थिति को भी दर्शाता है.

Take the following Quiz on Verbs. For each answer, .25 marks will be deducted.

1. a) / If you would have / b) told him earlier / c) he would not have committed / d) the mistake that caused a lot of furore. / e) No error


2. a) / It is suggested / b) that you might / c) follow the footsteps / d) of great people. / e) No error


3. a) / I haven’t got / b) up early to-day / c) and so I am late / d) for the office. / e) No error


4. a)He hurt his / b) leg badly; / c) he should not jump / d) off the ladder. / e) No error


5. a)He has never / b) and will never / c) go there. / d) No error


6. a) / While chopping / b) the vegetables, he / c) was cut his finger. / d) No error


7. a) / Are you finishing / b) your task / c) everyday at 5 PM? / d) No error


8. a) / At this moment, all / b) the children have been playing / c) in the garden / d) with the gardener. / e) No error


9. a) / Since when / b) are you boating / c) in this beautiful lake? / d) No error


10. a) / The main advantage India has / b) over other countries is / c) its large human capital which / d) make it an ideal outsourcing base. / e) No error


11. a) The company has launched / b) a creative marketing campaign / c) to reach for / d) its rural customers. / e) No error


12. a) / The teacher asked / b) me where did I live / c) at that area. / d) No error


13. a) / Even if he hurt / b) her, she will never / c) go against him. / d) No error


14. a) / She asked me / b) if she took / c) breakfast the previous day. / d) No error


15. a) / She awaited for the bus / b) for a long time / c)for a long time / d) she decided to hire a car which proved costly for her. / e) No error.


16. a) / Many an hour / b) has rolled by since / c) he has come to office to get / d) his work done. / e) No error.


17. a) / The interviewer asked the candidate / b) to which place did he belong / c) and whether / d) the place was popular. / e) No error.


18. a) / Had he had his dinner / b) in time / c) he would not have suffered / d) from food-poisoning. / e) No error.


19. a) / She is one of the most intelligent girls / b) that has stood first / c) not only in dance competition / d) but also in singing competition. / e) No error.


20. a) / Being satisfied with the answer / b) that pertains to / c) the candidate’s experiment, / d) the external patted his back. / e) No error.


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