Rapid Fillers for SSC, Bank Exams

Rapid Fillers is a part of Cloze Test which is an integral part of Competitive Examinations in India.
The following is a passage containing ten blanks against which you will find no options. Just guest out the most appropriate words to be filled in them. For answers, click the Toggle given below the passage.

‘Revenge is a wild justice’, _ (1) _ Francis Bacon. It is opposed _ (2) _ the canon of a civilized society. At the same time, it _ (3) _ the very existence of the law and in this way, a person who practises it, is subject _ (4) _ punishment. The sign of a man’s greatness is his tendency to _ (5) _ the wrong-doers by letting bygones be bygones. To keep the wound of revenge green, provides a man with nothing _ (6) _ restlessness and loss. A wise person thinks of the present not of the past. This reveals his bravery not _ (7) _ . His life ends _ (8) _ peace and satisfaction. This is _ (9) _ Bacon elucidates in his essay ‘ Of Revenge’. All other essays by him _ (10) _ the universal appeal.

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  1. says
  2. to
  3. challenges
  4. to
  5. forgive
  6. but
  7. cowardice
  8. in
  9. what
  10. has