SSC, Bank Words

Words play a vital role in procuring results in Competitive Examinations. Learn highly important words and get at your goal.

  • Adequate (Adj) Sufficient (काफी, यथेष्ट)
  • Calamity (N) Disaster (प्राकृतिक विपदा)
  • Fickle (Adj) Changeable (बदलता हुआ)
  • Intervene (V) Interfere (बीच-बचाव करना, टांग अड़ाना)
  • Paramount (Adj) of Supreme importance (सर्वोपरी)

Sentences on the above

  • The Government has adequate supply of essential commodities to be given away among the flood-stricken people.
  • Earthquake, flood etc. are natural calamities.
  • Romeo is a fickle character in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
  • We must intervene to patch up the problems between Rahul and Raju.
  • It is our paramount duty to serve the nation against all odds.