Types of Poetry

Poetry is a collection of words expressing an idea or emotion with rhythm.

कविता शब्दों का ऐसा संग्रह है जिससे भावनाओं को लय में अभिव्यक्त की जाती है.

Poetry may be of following types:-

  • Allegory (This interprets the hidden meaning generally the political one)
  • Ballad (This narrates a story in short stanzas.)
  • Blank Verse (This is without a rhyme with Iambic Pentameters)
  • Epic (This is long narrative describing the heroism of any legendary figure)
  • Elegy (This describes sorrow or lament of the dead.)
  • Free Verse (This lacks any rhyme or regular rhyming lines.)
  • Epitaph (This is composed in memoir of somebody who has died.)
  • Imagery (This describes the object using a lot of figures.)
  • Lyric (This is short describing the poet’s mature emotions.)
  • Narrative (This describes a story in a poetic manner.)
  • Ode (This is an address to somebody or something with irregular meters)
  • Pastoral (This deals with pastoral life in a verse form.)
  • Sonnet (This is a 14-line poem.)