Voice | Quiz 4

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1. They say he can do almost anything in this world.


2. The police arrested the robbers as soon as they got the information.


3. He could have attended the party yesterday.


4. The government has done it to avert any urgency.


5. The mobile phone seems to have been purchased by him.


6. It was impossible for him to do it.


7. Always keep to the left.


8. The baby should be properly taken care of.


9. It is high time that we started our business.


10. Where were the children playing football?


11. I know what he wishes to say.


12. His behaviour has astonished everybody.


13. The public have elected him president of the committee.


14. I have been much distressed at your failure.


15. Who taught you such bad tricks?


16. The cries of distress greatly alarmed them.


17. Who appointed him Governor?


18. No one had ever thought of such a thing.


19. By whom is the child taken care of?


20. Why should we be suspected by you?