What are the uses of ‘Enough’

Have you ever noticed the peculiar nature of ENOUGH? Enough is at the same time an Adjective and an Adverb.

For example:

He has enough money.

Here Money is a Noun qualified by the Adjective Enough. If we say:

We have money enough, it will go wrong.

But; in case it is used with an Adjective, it must be used after ‘Enough’ as in;

She is smart enough. – Right

We must not say:

She is enough smart. – Wrong

One more problem on the use of Enough is asked in the exam. ‘Enough’ takes an Infinitive. Hope you know what an Infinitive is. If to is followed by the first form of Verb, it is called Infinitive. Look at the following:

The machine is efficient enough to produce 2000 toys a day.

The following sentence will go wrong:

The machine is enough efficient for producing 2,000 toys a day.

Dear Friends, Hope you have already learnt these three highly important uses of ‘Enough’.

Now, peruse the following and find out the error:

  1. The compensation amount given (1) / by the local administration was not (2) / enough sufficient (3) / for the family for sustenance. (4) / No error (5)
  2. The lake contains (1) / water enough (2) / to quench the thirst (3) / of two million people of this city. (4) / No error (5)
  3. All these materials (1) / provided by anandamtutorials.com are (2) / good enough (3) / for cracking the bank Exams. (4) / No error (5)