What is Metaphor-रूपक अलंकार

This is a figure based on Similarity. It is a direct comparison between two fundamentally different objects or ideas. Any comparative factor such as ‘so’, ‘as’ or ‘like’ is not employed for the purpose. It is also called ‘Compressed’ or ‘Implied Simile’. It may be a Noun, Adjective or Verb.

रूपक अलंकार दो भिन्न चीजों के बीच सीधे तरीके से की जाने वाली तुलना है. ये संज्ञा, विशेषण या क्रिया हो सकते है.

  • Nouns – The cloud of doom; the milk of human kindness
  • Adjectives – A burning issue; A cold war; A rosy cheek
  • Verbs – We should bridle our emotions.

Examples from English Literature:-

  • But thy eternal summer shall not fade … (From Shakespeare’s ‘Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day’)
  • Her mouth was a fountain of delight (From Kate Chopin’s ‘The Storm’)
  • Busy old fool, unruly sun (From John Donne’s ‘The Sun Rising’)