What is the difference between Allegory and Allusion

allegory and allusion

Both ‘Allegory’ and ‘Allusion’ are Literary Devices. Allegory is just a story within a story that talks about an event or situation with which the audience or readers are familiar. Reading or watching an allegorical story reminds us of something or someone that we know of.

  1. The Hindi movie ‘Gangajal’ reminds us of the ghastly situation of Bihar.
  2. George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ is also allegorical in which Socialism has been dealt with.

‘Allusion’ is just an indirect reference to Someone or Something. If a teacher in the class says ‘The students wearing a pair of spectacles seem meritorious.’ Conspicuously all the students in the class wearing spectacles will consider themselves ‘Meritorious’ despite that the teacher has never said it by directly indicating them. In this situation, we can say:

The teacher has alluded to all such students that are wearing spectacles.