What is the difference between Parasol and Umbrella with Hindi Explanation

Both mean in Hindi ‘छाता’; but there is a conspicuous difference between both of them.

Parasol (धुप छाता)

A Parasol is a kind of Umbrella which is light in weight used to protect one from the sun. It is light in colour so as to reflect the sun giving cool shade. It may or may not be water-proof.

  • In the scorchingly hot day, even the parasol was of no use.
  • The fruit seller was selling fruit and juice installing a very big parasol in that very hot day.

Umbrella (ठण्ड या बारिश में प्रयुक्त होने वाला छाता)

An Umbrella is water-proof and dark in colour. One uses it to protect oneself from rain. It appears cool in Winter.

  • I saw him off holding an umbrella in the hand on that rainy day.

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