Enrich Word Power

शब्दों को रटे नही अपितु अध्ययन करें। चले 5 शब्दों का अध्ययन करें

  1. Alien (Adj) Unfamiliar, Strange (अनजान)
  2. Edifice (Noun) Building (बड़ी इमारत)
  3. Exploit (Noun) Heroic deed (बहादुरी का काम)
  4. Exploit (Verb) Utilize (सही इस्तेमाल करना)
  5. Console (Verb) Comfort (सांत्वना देना)

उपर्युक्त पर वाक्य देखे:

  • The word being alien to me, I was unable to supply it its synonym.
  • His edifice can accommodate one hundred people.
  • The teacher”s lectures describe the exploits of the NSA Chief of India.
  • One should exploit the resources available in the area to generate employments.
  • We console you on your failure.