Narration | Quiz 4

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1. The teacher said to the student, “Do it right now or you will be punished.”


2. The clergyman said to the man, “May God forgive you for the sin which you have committed!”


3. “Tut! Shame on you!” said the father to the son.


4. “You can see the Tajmahal if you peep through the window of my room”, said Ranjan to her.


5. “So help me God!” cried monkey, “I will never go greedy for the bananas in the orchard.”


6. The tortoise said to the rabbit, “I had reached the goal before you reached.”


7. “Let me call down the evil spirit”, said the tantrik.


8. The boss said to the employee, “Why were you absent yesterday?”


9. He said to me, “Had I been a king, I would have certainly helped you.”


10. “Let’s enjoy the party”, said Rohit.