Sample Questions – SSC JHT | Mock 2

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Every survey ever held has shown that the image of an attractive woman is the most effective advertising gimmick. She may sit astride the mudguard of a new car, or step into it ablaze with jewels, she may lie at the man’s feet stroking his new socks, she may hold the petrol pump in a challenging pass, or dance through woodland glades in slow motion in all the glory of a new shampoo whatever she does her image sells. The gynolatry of our civilization is written large upon its face, upon hoardings, cinema screens television, newspaper, magazines, tins, packets, cartons, bottles, all consecrated to the reigning deity, the female fetish. Her dominion must not be thought to entail the rule of women, for she is not a woman her glossy lips and matt complexion, her unfocussed eyes and flawless fingers, her extraordinary hair all floating and shining, curling and gleaming, reveal the inhuman triumph of cosmetics, lighting focusing and printing. She sleeps unruffled, her lips red and juicy and closed, her eyes as crisp and black as if new painted, and her false lashes immaculately curled. Even when she washes her face with a new and creamier toilet soap her expression is as tranquil and vacant and her paint as flaw less as ever. If ever she should appear tousled and troubled, her features are miraculously smoothed to their proper veneer by a new washing powder on a bouillon cube. For she is a doll: weeping, pouting or sinking running or reclaiming, she is a doll.

  1. What point is the writer trying to make when he says “she may lie at a man’s feet stroking his new socks”?

2. The ‘gynolatry’ of one civilization would suggest all the following except that.


3. By saying that women depicted in an advertisement is “not a woman” the author implies that


4. The author’s primary purpose in this passage is


5. In the last sentence of the paragraph, the word ‘doll’ is meant to express