SEBI Grade A : Objective English – Common Errors 3 | RBI , NABARD, SBI, IBPS

Directions: In the given questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error.

1. a) The subjects / b) of the kingdom / c) revolted against the barbarism/ d) of the king. / e) No error.


2. a) What are you searching / b) in the pile / c) of rejected papers / d) of the factory? / e) No error.


3. a) This is one of the nicest pen / b) that I bought / c) two years ago in Agra / d) during my summer vacation. / e) No error.


4. a) It is the duty / b) of a Commander-in-chief / c) to keep the moral / d) of his men in tact. / e) No error.


5. a) Mother advised him / b) that his closure with any person / d) that had bad reputation / d) would inflict pain on him later. / e) No error.


6. a) The crafty friend / b) has screwed up all the rupees / c) from Rahul by taking advantage / d) of his gullibility. / e) No error.


7. a) He had promised the ‘seth’ / b) to pay off all his debts / c) if his business / d) made benefit that year. / e) No error.


8. a) The non-stop increasing / b) in the Indian population / c) has put many hurdles / d) on the way to the country’s development. / e) No error. 


9. a) When her falseness / b) was brought to light, / c) she felt ashamed / d) and so decided not to tell a lie again. / e) No error.


10. a) The timid people / b) die many / c) times / d) before their death. / e) No error.


11. a) The victim / b) urged the leaders of the country / c) to stop politics / d) of the wrong-doings done to her. / e) No error.


12. a) The quality / b) of the book’s paper / c) will be low and so the cost of each book / d) will go down. / e) No error.


13. a) He requested her / b) to leave him alone / c) in his closet / d) for the sake of God. / e) No error. 


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