Sentence Arrangement | Quiz 4

quiz on sentence arrangement

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  1.    New industries

P.    interests, usually

Q.    supported by foreign

R.     to their employees at all

S.      offer better salaries

6.   levels of responsibility



  1.   Both plants and animals

P.   changes in form, structure, growth habits

Q.   in becoming adapted to different climatic

R.    of many sorts show remarkable

S.     and even mode of reproduction

6.    environment, types of food supply or mode of living



  1.    As heart disease continues

P.   increasingly interested in identifying the

Q.   to be the number one killer

R.    researchers have become

S.     in the United States,

6.   potential risk factors that trigger heart attack



  1.    Those clouds promise reain;

P.     before we get cought in a flash flood

Q.     or else we will never be able to find our way home

R.      we should hurry

S.       and would be stuck here

6.      for a considerable period of time



  1.    Rohan steered the jeep

P.   the path to which muddy and bumpy,

Q.   making it a difficult drive, and

R.    down the muddy road to the camp site,

S.     he discovered after a few miles

6.   that it was the wrong road



  1.    If he changes his mind,

P.    and he will not commit

Q.    Joe has learned his lesson,

R.     the same mistake again,

S.      we shall know for sure that

6.    but only time will tell



  1.    A number of linguistics

P.    of languages spoken by

Q.    the world’s five billion people

R.     contend that all of the thousands

S.      can be traced back to a common root language

6.     and have a common origin



  1.  Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is the only one in the country to have runways equipped with a CAT IIIB Instrument Landing System.

P.    This technology guides pilots to land even when visibility is cut to 50 metres

Q.    This is because

R.     Finding an explanation for such failure won’t be easy.

S.      However, it fails to operate often

6.   the issue involves multiple stake holders and a web of unclear briefs



  1.     The Australian were very proud and felt privileged

P.    in their country

Q.    to host the Olympics 2000

R.     as it elevated their stature

S.      in the eyes of the world

6.    at the threshold of the new millennium



  1.     Ram had an important examination to sit for in a few weeks time.

P.    But he could not concentrate.

Q.    What he saw was not very nice-he was very plae.

R.     He sat down to prepare for it.

S.      After a while he looked at himself in the mirror.

6.     He said to himself, ‘What I need is fresh air’.