SSC JHT Previous Year Idioms and Phrases

ssc jht previous year idioms and phrases

SSC JHT – 2018 (Idioms and Phrases)

Select the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined idiom in the sentence.

Note: The options with star marks are the answers

(1) Ashish has been crying wolf so often that the family has stopped taking him seriously.

(A)Raising a false alarm *

(B) Asking for a wolf as a pet

(C) Crying when he hears about wolves

(D) Shouting out loudly

(2) By holding talks with the rebel leaders who were planning protests, they managed to nip in things in the bud.

(A) Plant trees together

(B) Stop things at an early stage *

(C) Defeat them completely

(D) Write everything in ink clearly

(3) In spite of being good friends, Sharad refused to show his hand to Daler.

(A) Use force against him

(B) Play card games with him

(C) Reveal his plan of action *

(D) Stay faithful to him

(4) Most of the political leaders have a gift of the gab, with which they mesmerize the common people.

(A) To spend a large sum of money

(B) To have a poor shabby appearance

(C) To have strong and well-built physique

(D) To be an eloquent speaker *

(5) It is only your parents who would be by your side in times of trouble. Believe me, others are mostly fair weather friends.

(A) People who help all the time

(B) People who desert in times of trouble *

(C) People who speak ill of others all the time

(D) People who are of no use at any point of time

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