Translation Passage for practice- SSC JHT / DRDO Exam

Translate the given passage into Hindi –

 An English passage that you can use for practice translation into Hindi for the SSC JHT exam: “Globalization has led to increased interconnectivity among countries and people around the world. This has resulted in a greater exchange of goods, services, and ideas between different cultures and societies. However, it has also led to a homogenization of cultures and the loss of cultural diversity. To address this issue, it is important for countries to promote and preserve their unique cultural heritage. This can be done through initiatives such as cultural festivals, museums, and educational programs that teach the history and traditions of a particular culture. By doing so, we can not only ensure the survival of cultural diversity, but also promote a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures among people. In addition, it is also important for countries to strike a balance between globalization and the preservation of cultural identity. This can be achieved through policies that encourage cultural exchange and cooperation, while also protecting the interests of local cultures and traditions. Overall, promoting cultural diversity and preserving cultural heritage is essential in today’s globalized world.” Translation into Hindi: