English Monophthongs and Diphthongs for CTET English Paper

There are 5 Vowel Letters in the English Alphabet and all the five Vowels have 20 sounds.

All the 20 Vowel Sounds are divided into two parts:

  • Monophthongs and
  • Diphthongs

Also called Pure Vowels, Monophthongs are such Vowel Sounds that are pronounced with one tone. These are:

  • /i:/ as in  Seat /si:t/
  • /ɪ/ as in It /sit/
  • /ɛ/ as in Lend /lɛnd/
  • /æ/ as in Add /æd/
  • /u:/ as in Pool /pu:l/
  • /ʊ/ as in Look /lʊk/
  • /ʌ/ as in Luck /lʌk/
  • /ə/ as in Able /eibəl/
  • /ə:/ as in Bird /bə:d/
  • /ɔ/ as in All /ɔl/
  • /ɑ:/ as in Heart /hɑ:(r)t/

A Diphthong is a combination of two vowel sounds pronounced as a single vowel. The following are Diphthongs:

  • /ei/ as in Pay /pei/
  • /eə/ as in Pair /peə/
  • /ou/ as in Post /poust/
  • /ɔi/ as in Boy /bɔi/
  • /ai/ as in Eye /ai/
  • /au/ as in Loud /laud/
  • /iə/ as in Career /kariə(r)/
  • /uə/ as in Poor /puə/

‘Y’ is some times pronounced as a Vowel in the following words:

Funny /fʌni/, Coy /kɔi/