Nouns for SSC

Nouns are all:

  • that can be seen or touched, smelled or heard. (fire, sky, book, water, Fragrance, Noise, Music etc.)
  • that can be felt by our sense organs. (air, wind, emotion, heat, hardness, electric current etc.)
  • that are the inherent qualities of some person, place or thing as in;
    • The quality of an old man is his ‘oldness’.
    • The quality of a beautiful girl is her ‘beauty’.
    • The quality of wood is its ‘hardness’.
    • The quality of an able person is his ‘ability’.

                                                                                 … and so on and so forth.

Some possible asked Common Errors in English:

  • Many tourists get attracted towards the beautiness/ beauty of the valley.    
  • Being poor, the student has applied for freeship/ free studentship.     
  • Many schemes have been chalked out for the upliftment/ uplift of the rural areas.                                                     
  • The sole aim of private companies is to make profitability/ profit.
  • He follows what his father has adviced/ advised. (‘Advice’ is the Noun-form)
  • Two chapters have been appended to the book for practice/ practise.
  • Showing courage/ courageousness, Samson tore the tiger to pieces.
  • For the development/ developing of a country, the primary education should be made compulsory.