Precis for SBI Exam

Write a precis of the following in about one-third of the number of words given in the passage:-

Human life consists of a succession o small events, each of which is comparatively unimportant, and yet the happiness and success of every man depend upon the manner in which these small events are dealt with. Character is built up on little things-little things well and honourably transacted. The success of a man in business depends upon his attention to little things. The comfort of a household is the result of small things arranged and duly provided for. Good government can only be accomplished in the same way-by well-regulated provision for the doing of little things.

Accumulation of knowledge and experience of the most valuable kind is the result of little bits of knowledge and experience nothing in life are set down as failures-because they have neglected little things. They may themselves consider that the world has gone against them; but in fact they have been their own enemies. There has long been a popular belief in ‘good luck’. but, like many other popular notions, it is gradually giving way. The conviction is extending that diligence is the mother of good luck; in other words, that a man’s success in life will be proportionate to his industry, to his attention to small things. Negligent, shiftless, loose fellows never meet with luck because the results of industry are denied to those who will not use the proper efforts to secure them.

It is not luck, but labour that makes men. Luck, says an American writer, is ever waiting for something to turn up. Labour with keen eye and strong will, turns up something.

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Small events are the stuff life is made. Little bits of knowledge and experience treasured up add to the growth of knowledge and enriching of our experiences. Much of our success and happiness depends on the manner we deal with small events. Those who neglect little things are doomed to failure. There is nothing like ‘good luck’. Man is the architect of his fate. His success is proportionate to his industry. A negligent, shiftless loose fellow never meets with ‘luck’. He is the author of his own failure though he curses his fate.

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Title: The Secret of Success in Life