Quiz, MCQ based on Grammar – SSC JHT Paper I 2023

MCQ quiz based on SSC JHT Paper I Grammar:

What is the correct order of words in a sentence in English?

a) Verb-Subject-Object

b) Object-Subject-Verb

c) Subject-Verb-Object

d) Object-Verb-Subject

Answer: c) Subject-Verb-Object

Identify the adjective in the following sentence:

“The black cat ran across the street.”

a) Black

b) Cat

c) Ran

d) Across

Answer: a) Black

What is the correct plural form of the word “man”?

a) Mans

b) Men

c) Manes

d) Manns

Answer: b) Men

Which of the following is a preposition?

a) And

b) But

c) In

d) So

Answer: c) In

What is the past tense of the verb “begin”?

a) Beginned

b) Begun

c) Began

d) Beginning

Answer: c) Began

Identify the adverb in the following sentence:

“She sings beautifully.”

a) Sings

b) Beautifully

c) She

d) The

Answer: b) Beautifully

Which of the following is a conjunction?

a) If

b) Although

c) Until

d) Always

Answer: b) Although

What is the correct form of the verb “to be” in the present continuous tense?

a) Am

b) Is

c) Are

d) Being

Answer: d) Being

Identify the noun in the following sentence:

“The teacher gave the students a difficult assignment.”

a) The

b) Gave

c) Difficult

d) Assignment

Answer: d) Assignment

What is the comparative form of the adjective “good”?

a) Better

b) Gooder

c) Best

d) Goodest

Answer: a) Better