Sentence Arrangement | Quiz 1

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  1.  Continuing reports from doctors

P. how people live and what they eat

Q. who are measuring the incidence of heart attacks

R.  disclose the pattern linking

S.   all over the world

       2.  with the number of heart attacks they have.



  1.   The factor that beset India’s growth is population explosion.

P.  Sometimes religion also has a role to play in this.

Q.  So many factors contribute to the rise in population.

R.   There has been a phenomenal growth in population over the last century.

S.    They are people’s ignorance and early marriages.

6.    Therefore, if we do not control birth, India’s growth in every other facet of life will be offset by the steep increase in population.



  1. Climate change due

P. to rice production

Q. causing changes in rainfall

R.  is the new challenge

S.   to global warming

6.  and a matter of concern for agrarian societies



  1. We searched everywhere,

P.   and amongst the magazines

Q.   inside the cupboards and suitcases,

R.   And books but Sameer could find no

S.    under the bed and tables

6.   trace of his wallet.



  1. Lightning is simply a large electrical

P.  charges jumping from one cloud to

Q.  Earth. This occurs because different positive

R.   spart. It is caused by electric

S.    another, or from a cloud to the

6.  and negative charges are created between clouds.



  1. If there are no trees

P.  Thus the yield of crops is low.

Q.  gets washed in rain.

R.  This upper layer is the most fertile part of the soil.

S.   the upper layer of rich soil

6. Hence afforestation drive is essential.



  1. The public is hereby informed

P.  is organizing an eye donation camp

Q.  about this noble cause

R.   that the Red Cross Society of India

S.    to create awareness among people

6.  to enable the blind to see again.



  1. The Government of India is

P.  a market driven, special purpose vehicle

Q.  a global Indian consortium to

R.   in the process of creating

S.    that will help to establish

6.  facilitate investment by the overseas Indians.



  1. With the urbanization and industrialization

P.  and with the use of atoms for war and peace,

Q.  with the increasing craze for speedy mechanical transport,

R.   of sound creating noise nuisance,

S.    with machines moving faster than the speed

6. air, water and food are getting polluted.



  1.   Whatever be the cause

P.   and if that is not checked

Q.   the people who had mingled with Indian society

R.    are very slowly dying out

S.     like sugar and mild

6.   Indian society will certainly lose.