Sentence Arrangement | Quiz 2

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  1.    Once upon a time, there lived a king by the name of Nanda.

P.    He adopted all possible tactics he could think of to bring her round, but failed.

Q.    One day, Vararuchi’s wife was suling.

R.     As a last resort he said, ‘My darling, I will do anything to make you happy.’

S.      He had a minister called Veraruchi, an expert in politics.

6.    ‘All right then,’ she replied, ‘Get your head shaved off an fall at my feet.’



  1. I do not know

P.   about the current status

Q.   the exact reasons why

R.    of the whole affair

S.     he has not been responding to me

6. since January, 2010.



  1. The peacock is a colourful bird.

P.    The peacock shows off its features and walks proudly.

Q.    Its head, neck and breast are purple in colour.

R.    The most remarkable feature of the peacock is its long tail.

S.     The eyes on the tail have exquisite colours.

6.   Hence the saying, proud as a peacock.



  1. A higher percentage of

P.    in cold weather

Q.    and more people experience

R.     heart failure on Monday than

S.      heart attacks occur

6.  on any other day of the week.



  1.   When we won the State championship,

P.   they embraced and congratulated each other

Q.   the team captain jumped for joy,

R.    he was lifted by the team into the air,

S.     while the fans cheered

6.   and shouted for them.



  1.  Though Mohan prefers watching romantic films,

P.    so much so that

Q.    so he rented the latest spy thriller,

R.     and to his surprise he enjoyed it very much,

S.      he decided to try something different yesterday

6.  he rented another thriller today.



  1.    The small village of Somnathpur contains an extraordinary temple

P.    Belur and Halebid are among their better-know works.

Q.    While these suffered during the invasion of 14th century

R.     built around 1268 AD by the Hoyasalas of Karnataka,

S.      one of most prolific temple builders.

6.    the Somnathpur temple stands more or less in near original condition.



  1.    On our not stopping the

P.   and when we stopped the car

Q.   car, when the red light

R.    was on, the

S.     policeman waved to us

6.    he came to us and demanded to see the driver’s license.



  1.   It is a matter of serious concern

P.   it lands them in health disorders like obesity, hypertension etc.

Q.   that most of our young friends have turned into junk food addicts

R.    Sicne fast food is high in fat content

S.     it is high time

6.    that youth take note of it and mend their food habits



  1.   Dad went fishing.

P    so that she could welcome her,

but Mom stayed home

because she wanted to be there when Tarri arrived

serve her a drink and some biscuits

6.    and make her feel at home