Sentence Improvement for Bank Exams

Sentence Improvement requires sound Grammatical Knowledge. In Bank Exams, there are five options out of which one is of No Improvement. Attempt the following containing 10 problems. For each wrong answer, .25 marks will be deducted.

Sentence Improvement for Bank Exams

1. He is sublime thought and so everybody listen to him.


2. The cheeks of the baby being pinkish, everybody attracted to kiss them.


3. The hair of a yak is being long and dense enough protects it from severe cold.


4. How brazen does she treat with others is obnoxious.


5. Very hard he had sat for studies when lights went out.


6. Once upon a time when there was living a king with queens in a certain kingdom.


7. Let us have a threadbare discussion considered this highly burning issue.


8. The photographs are to be developing to introduce them to the police.


9. The pen constituting of red ink is needed for the purpose.


10. Making for the thief to grab him, a thorn pierced through my sole.


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