Tricks of Scansion of a Poem

Scansion Part – III

Marking out the Accented and Unaccented Syllables in a Verse Line

There are two marks used to show Accented and Unaccented Syllables:

  • Accented – /
  • Unaccented –    ͝

Note which Syllables in the following Words are Accented and Unaccented (All the Syllables have been separated by a Hyphen)

  • Suffer – suˈf-fe˘r (Disyllabic with the first Syllable accented)
  • Able – Aˈ-b˘le (Disyllabic with the first Syllable accented)
  • Loveliness – Loˈve-li˘-neˈss (Trisyllabic with the first Syllable accented following one accented and one unaccented Syllable)
  • Adventure – A˘d-veˈn-tu˘re
  • Lonely – Loˈne-ly˘
  • Synonym – Syˈn-o˘-ny˘m

Break the following Words into their Syllables and then mark out which Syllables out of those are Accented and Unaccented (You can take help from some reputed Dictionary for the purpose):-

  • Economic
  • Arrested
  • Beaten
  • Wandering
  • Troublesome
  • Suspicion
  • Weapons
  • Threshold
  • Certificate
  • Enormously
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