A letter to the Police Authorities giving full particulars of a lost dog

The Police Station In-charge
April 20, 2019.

Subject: About a lost dog

I feel regretted to say that my dog with his pet name ‘Tiger’ has been missing for last two days.

It so happened that in the evening at around 5 PM, I along with my ‘Tiger’ – an Alsatian dog- went for an evening walk at Jhanda Maidan. Somehow, he slipped out of my chain and has been untraceable since the.

The particulars of the dog are as follows:

  • He is black and shiny with a red strip around his neck.
  • His legs comprise some white spots.
  • His tail has been curtailed.
  • He is pretty big and looks somewhat ferocious.

I shall be grateful to you if the police trace it out. I shall give a reward of Rs 1000/- to anyone who could bring it back to or give its definite whereabouts.

The following is my address:
Anandam Tutorials,
Faithfully yours,