Metre and Foot in Scansion of a Poem

Scansion Part – V

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A Foot or Metre is a part of a Verse-line comprising at least two Syllables. A Foot or Metre may be as follows:

  • Iambic – One Unaccented syllable followed by an Accented one ( ͝ / )
  • Trochee – One Accented Syllable followed by an Unaccented one
  • Spondee – Two Consecutive Accented Syllables
  • Pyrrhic – Two Consecutive Unaccented Syllables
  • ͝ – Unaccented Symbol
  • / – Accented Symbol

Iambic Metre

I˘ waˈn-/de˘red loˈne-/ly˘ aˈs/a˘ clouˈd

Tha˘t floˈats/ o˘n hiˈgh/o’˘er vaˈles/a˘nd hiˈlls,

Whe˘n aˈll/a˘t oˈnce/I˘ saˈw/a˘ craˈwd,

A˘ hoˈst/ o˘f goˈld-/e˘n daˈf-/fo˘dils.

– The Daffodils by William Wordsworth

Prosodic Name- All the lines are Iambic Tetrameter