Word Power Made easy by Anandam

Hello Friends,

Never cram words; just play with the words you come across. Every word has its own identity; just try to identify it. Believe me, the words learn in this way will become your friends for ever. A word may have several meanings. Just enjoy learning the following word with multi-meanings with examples:

To Grind

  • Grind (V1)
  • Ground (V2)
  • Ground (V3)


  1. to powder by crushing (पीसना)
  2. to sharpen smooth (पजाना; धार तेज करना)
  3. to rub into a surface (रगड़ना)

Examples of each of the above:

  1. My mother ground the rice, roasted it and served me with some milk, which I liked very much. (मेरी मां चावल पीसी, उसे भूंजी और मुझे दूध के साथ परोसी जो मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा.)
  2. The butcher is grinding his dagger to slaughter the animal. (जानवर का वध करने के लिए कसाई अपना कटार पजा रहा है.)
  3. Grinding his cigarette into the ashtray, the man resumed the work. (ऐश ट्रे में आदमी सिगरेट रगड़कर काम में जुट गया.)

Grinding (Adjective) – Oppressive; Harsh (ना ख़त्म होने वाली परेशानी; कानफाडू)

  • Now the whole world requires to form a World Government to redeem the people who are in grinding poverty. (पूरी दुनिया को एक ऐसी सरकार बनानी है जो गरीबी में पीस रहे लोगों को इससे छुटकारा दिला सके.)