Essay on Atal Jal Yojan for SSC, Bank Exams

ABHY(Atal Bhujal Yojna)


Atal Bhujal Yojna also known as ‘Atal Jal’ is a scheme launched by Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi on the 95th Birth Anniversary of the former Prime Minister Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 25th December 2019. The Modi Government has proposed a sum of Rs 6000/- crores to be spent in 5 years’ span of time to fulfil the purpose. 3,000 crores will be contributed by the Government of India while the rest 50% will be contributed by the World Bank to the scheme.

70 years have gone by since India got independence; however only 3 crore out of 18 crore rural households have access to piped water supply. In 78 districts, more than 8,300 villages in the states of Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, the underground water level has gone horribly down. These States represent about 25% of the total number of over-exploited, critical and semi-critical blocks in terms of ground water in India. To raise the underground water level, ABY has been launched.

The following are its main aims:

  1. To raise the Under-ground water level in those areas where it has gone horribly down. As discussed, the states like Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka where underground water level has gone down, will be provided funds under the scheme. The people there will be encouraged to be involved in improving ground water management. The scheme will also facilitate convergence of ongoing Government schemes in the states by incentivizing their focused implementation in identified priority areas.
  2. To make farmers aware of conservation of rain water and taking alternative crops for cultivation and move towards micro-irrigation.
  3. To prepare a water action plan, water fund and make use of the funds through different related state and central schemes.
  4. To encourage farmers to grow crops according to the water availability in their areas. Villages with low groundwater level should prepare water budget and farmers should be encouraged to grow crops accordingly
  5. To supply piped water to every house of the country. The scheme is to deliver clean drinking water to 15 crore homes in the next five years through this.


In order to make the scheme AJY smooth going, there must be good harmony between the states and the Centre. Lack of funds may be a major issue. However, at present the scheme has received 6,000 crores for the purpose. Making people aware of ground water depletion in their areas is the next challenge. The government has targeted to supply clean water to 25% of the houses of the country via a particular water supply system is a herculean task for both the central and the state government.


Water is life and life can never be compromised. The scheme must run smoothly. Along with the government, public must pay heed to water conservation and water management. Only then can the scheme be a success and thus the parched areas of the country can slake their throats.

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